Monday, September 29, 2014

New baby!!

Last week my sweet hubby and I had an hour to kill between dropping off one kid and picking up the others, so we decided to check out the local Antique Mall.
We didn't have a whole lot of time, and I honestly wasn't looking particularly closely at anything. Mitch spotted this elaborate cabinet, and only upon closer inspection did he realize that there was a sewing machine in it. He called me over, and after I started breathing again, we took a peek at the price.
I should mention at this point that a treadle sewing machine has been a dream of mine for some time. And this one *gasp* she's so beautiful! And that cabinet! I have no words. But I know very little about machines this old, and even less about cabinets, and we HAD to go to get the other two kids, so I walked away, me heart breaking a little more with each step. I should mention at this point that Mitch thought we should buy it right off. I should listen to him more...
Obviously, this tale has a happy ending! While waiting for the kids to get out of school, I did a bit of homework and determined that the price the Antique shop was asking was a very reasonable one, and we went back to get her. I didn't breathe on the whole drive there. What if someone else had gotten her?? But there she was, waiting for me. It was meant to be.
She wasn't in perfect condition. Not surprising, since she's 114 years old. I cleaned and oiled her, then replaced her belt and the rubber ring on her bobbin winder. But even before all that, she moved like a dream. So smooth! My modern machines are jealous.
Even though I don't know a lot about machines this old, my clue to her age was the direction of the needle thread. You thread her left to right, instead of front to back. I looked her serial number up in the Singer database and discovered that she is a Model #27, built in 1900. She's in amazing shape for her age!
Her decals and paint are a bit worn, particularly on the machine bed where she'd have seen the most action. It is clear that she was used and cared for well. I wish I knew her history. Imagine the things she has sewn!
Her face plate is in excellent shape, although it could use a bit of a cleaning. I love the ivy design on it.
The treadle mechanism is in beautiful condition though. Even the paint is still shiny! Replacing the belt was easy peasy.
And just look at that perfect stitch. Nora and I are going to have a lot of fun together.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cole's Creations Neverland Shirt, the first

You've seen the final version of the Neverland Shirt. This was my first.
Myra likes this one, too.
One of the things that the tester group really worked hard on was getting the collar just right. You can see that this version isn't perfect. I overlapped it a bit too much. It is also the smaller version of the collar.
The testers in the group liked both versions so much, Nicole decided to have both options in the final pattern. I think it was the perfect decision. I love the big bold collar of the other version, but this petite collar is perfectly sweet.
The fabric for this version is a double knit that has very little recovery, so it has a looser fit than the star shirt. I think it looks great with slim pants like these floral Hosh Pants. (Preview: an expanded size range and better fit for the Hosh is currently in testing, as well as a wide leg version that you are going to LOVE!)
The cuffs and collar are a super thin viscose jersey. In retrospect, it isn't the perfect fabric and I wish I had lightly interfaced both collar and cuffs. Particularly the cuffs, as they have a tendency to collapse while Myra is wearing the top.
All in all, this pattern is definitely a winner for us. These two are in constant rotation in Myra's wardrobe, and I know I'll make more. The pattern goes all the way up to size 16!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cole's Creations Neverland Shirt

I was so excited to be able to test this adorable shirt! It came at the perfect time too; just as I was contemplating Myra's fall wardrobe.
The pattern is the newly released Neverland Shirt from Cole's Corner. It is a cute little long sleeve tee with cuffs and an adorable peter pan collar.
The neckline is finished with a binding which captures the collar and finishes it cleanly. The pattern offers two methods for attaching the binding, but for this version (which is my second and made from the final version of the pattern) I used my coverstitch binder.
The fit of the top is sleek, but not too snug. Myra and I both love the fit. It goes well with both slim pants as well as full skirts, so it's a very versatile top.
The main fabric is from Kitschy Coo. It is made by Znok and it is so super soft! Kitschy Coo still has some of the pink, as well as two other colorways. The pink polka dot was hanging out in my stash. I was thrilled to find such a good color match!
The cutest detail of this top though, is those notched cuffs. They're adorable and so easy to attach! You won't believe it. They are stitched into the sleeve seam, so they stay folded up when the kiddo plays.
This is a completely cute, but surprisingly easy to sew pattern, and the best part is that it comes in a crazy huge size range. from size 1/2 (6 month) all the way up to 16 years!! Head over to the Craftsy shop and get yours!